How to a Hard Reset on a Galaxy S8

By | Maggio 4, 2018

How to a Hard Reset on a Galaxy S8, if you’re reading this article is because you’ve some problems with your Galaxy S8, maybe you’ve download some apps from unknown sources and the phone stops responding to commands as it once was, takes a few moments.

Also if the battery is very powerful, it runs out. Have you tried deleting the latest apps you’ve installed? Have yoou scan your phone with a good antivirus for your phone? If you don’t read here: The best Antivirus for Android 2017.

Often this disease is curable with these two procedures, but if the phone just does not want to know, then you just have to bring it back as when it left the factory. Then you just have to not make a hard reset.

Whit an hard reset, the memory of your Galaxy S8 will be erased. To create a backup if you have important data to be saved, type documents, photos, videos, music, etc. If you don’t know how do a backup of you telephone, you can reade this guide.

To create an hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S8 there are two methods, the first through the recovery mode that is pre installed on all Android devices.

The second is through operating system settings.

If you have the log in I recommend using the second method.

How to a Hard Reset on a Galaxy S8

Method 1) How to the Hard reset at Samsung Galaxy S8 through recovery mode:


Method 2) How to the Hard reset at Samsung Galaxy S8 through settings:

Turn on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Once you get to the Home screen go to Menu and then in the settings.

Select the Backup & Restore tab, and then clear all data from the device

To confirm your selection, select clear all.


The device will be reported as when leaving the factory.

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